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Multi Air B.V. is a company, which has the philosophy of achieving the goal being able to offer a customer the best possible solution for the application.
All of course focused on air: Multi Air .

One of our strengths is, compared to other companies, being able to offer the solutions based on the best possible Silent Solution. We can offer an air solution starting from no less then a sound level of 30 dB(A) !! We as Multi Air know as no other company that working in an area where the noise level is equivalent or higher then 80 dB(A) people will damage their hearing, when not using official ear protection. Therefore we will always ask our customer if noise is of any importance and where the new air supply location will be established, because we distinct ourselves being able to offer the best possible solution: “ The Silent Solution “

Customized manufacturers
Also as manufacturer of our own brands Main Air® and Blue Air®, we are able to offer a customized solution even if low quantities are involved. We believe trying to develop the best possible solution from the start, provides the highest achievement afterwards.

And if the solution is not available within our own product range we are able to offer an alternative by the help of other product ranges of which we have exclusivity to sell.
Today we are proud to mention that we have the exclusive rights for four well-known manufacturers to act as exclusive distributor, their complete program of air pumps in the Benelux and Germany .
The following brands are offered under exclusivity:
C.A.P. Programme
Air Man pumps
Mansfield machine
Unex clips

Service is something that is of high importance within our company and we believe in becoming successful by offering a total solution including a well-organized service system. Having three different locations of which the main service centre is established in Germany , we are able to offer our customers a service that is based on a full support within 24 hours. So it does not matter if you are located in Belgium or in the North of Germany, we are able to give you the requested support by the help of our service engineers. You can find a small map here.

Together with our head office near Rotterdam and our sales support office near the border of Germany in the east of Holland , we can visit the customer on request easily and efficiently to discuss in person the ideas and requirements for the specific application. This will save time and allows us to anticipate within a very short period to offer our silent solution within the best possible time.

Multi Air B.V.
stands for all kind of air options for your application focused on
The Silent Solution


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