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The electric drill has not undergone much development since the appearance of the battery powered drill 15-20 years ago.

But the way we work has changed over the years without much effect on the development of the machines.

An example; the carpenter earlier drilled a hole and mounted a screw by hand, today both processes are mostly done with 2 machines. The reason why 2 machines are used is because it takes to long time to change between drill and screw bit.

By studying both proof’s and DYI´s when working with drills we came up with a new solution.

An ergonomic shaped drill/driver with a revolving head mounted with 2 interchangeable drill chucks. One with e.g. a drill – the other with e.g. a screw bit.

When the one drill chuck points forward the other one is turned away and placed in front of the safety guard, which is placed in front of the handle. It is only the forward pointing drill chuck that turns around.

You switch between the 2 drill chucks by pressing the 2 knobs placed on each side of the machine backwards. This releases the lock and enables you to turn the head clock or anticlockwise. The operation is done in a second.

Interested? See our small products overview. The full products overview is currently not available yet and will be sumbitted as soon as possible.

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