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MainAir ® , the silent solution

Main Air oil free compressors can be delivered with two different motors with a capacity of 35 or 70 litres / minute, and each available with five receivers in different contents. For higher capacities up to 300 ltr/min we refer to our Main Air Medical range (See link below at bottom of this page). For applications where small capacities of air are required and the soundlevel should be within acceptance Main Air can offer you these kind of models, all 100% oil free.

Optional for these compressors is the automatic drain instead of the standard supplied manual drain.

Each model is supplied with a receiver, pressure switch, non return valve, gauges, pressure filter/ regulator and a fastcoupling. All due to the high quality products standard being used on every Main Air compressor, we are able to grant standard a 2 years warranty period.

If different aircapacity is required or for example other voltages, please contact our salesdivision for further assistance.

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