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MainAir ® , the silent solution

A MAIN AIR compressor will offer you the perfect solution if quiet/silent performance is required on the job location. Starting with a sound level of 30 dB(A) you can compare this with the noise of your refrigerator in your home.

By the perfect concept of the MAIN AIR compressor and minimisation of vibration this perfect balanced silent solution was created. With also the help of placing every MAIN AIR compressor on rubber feet you have to “feel” the compressor to know if it is operating.

A Main Air compressor can be used in every area where people work, who prefer a silent solution such as in Laboratories, Precision Tooling, Medical, Offices, Dental applications, Fysio practices and Industrial sites where noise is a “not allowed” issue.

A Main Air compressor can be supplied in a compact and portable version with for example a special balanced and protecting handle being able to carry the compressor easily and stay well within the governmental allowed carry-weight. Even in applications and locations where stationary placements are possible or delivered together with a complete system, the Main Air compressor can be used in or for example, put in public places without being noticed as a disturbance In this way a Main Air compressor can be used in all kind of different working areas.

You can choose between the following types:

Main Air lubricated
Main Air oil free
Main Air medical

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