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BlueAir ® , the silent solution for your job.

With it's high capacity motor of no less then 50 liters/minute up to 150 litres and all different possible receivers, you can choose the solution for each application.

Whether it is a stapling nailing machines or a gluegun, tacker or many other applications. The BlueAir ® compressor does it's job easy and silent. Having the special developed easy to carry handle, which also gives a protection against damages. Each BlueAir ® compressor stands on three feet for high stability.

Risk on damaging or scratches of your floor belongs to the past, since the special rubber noppen who protects and also absorbs any vibration.

Standard each BlueAir ® compressor is supplied with a receiver, pressure switch, gauge, non-return valve, manual drain and a filter/regulator with a fastcoupling for easy exchangeability.

Since the BlueAir ® compressor can be used ‘on location' you only have to connect the electrical plug and the compressor is ready for use.

If different aircapacity is required or for example other voltages, please contact our salesdivision for further assistance.

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