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MainAir® , the silent solution

Main Air® has also a complete new range of Air Compressors which are 100 % Oil less!

This is the MEDICAL range, especially been developed for medical applications and areas, such as hospitals, dental practises, laboratories and clean air locations. One of the recognizable marks is that each receiver is for example standard painted in the colour white to emphasize the created clean air.

Each compressor can be supplied with a Main Air absorption dryer to create the ultimate filtration and drying technology suitable for this unit. Also a noise reduction can be achieved by a special designed quiet box in which the compressor can be placed. Besides noise reduction of approximately 20 dB(A), an easy use is created by the opportunity of having adjustments and settings done on the front-panel.

Models are available with a capacity of from 100 – 400 litre / minute all with a standard voltage of 230 V-50 Hz.

Each unit can be supplied with a 24 litre tank, up to a 100 litre tank.

Every tank on the Medical range is coated also on the inside, which provides a long lifetime and protects against corrosion.

The standard colour is white, but can be supplied in different colours on request.

If different aircapacity is required or for example other voltages, please contact our salesdivision for further assistance.

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